Nico Nicoson is a contemporary artist, illustrator and mural artist living in Sydney, Australia.

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Nico Nicoson is a leading mural artist and illustrator located in Sydney, Australia. 

Nico’s murals, artworks and illustrations can be found in public spaces and private collections all around the world. 

Often described as a “celebration of the ornamental”, Nico’s works possess an unmistakeable energy and excude a palpable sense of presence that has made them highly sought after.

 Nico has been working professionally as a mural artist, illustrator and designer in Sydney for over a decade and has created high-profile artworks for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Nico Nicoson’s iconic artworks, illustrations and murals have been widely featured in galleries and publications globally. Additionally, Nico has enjoyed creating a large number of high-profile murals and public artworks across a range of countries. With a background in design and art direction, Nico has worked professionally as a mural artist and illustrator for over a decade, creating hundreds of murals and illustrations.

Nico has collaborated with a wide range of brands globally to create artwork that has been featured across packaging, advertising, textiles and branding. Selected clients include: Campari, Adobe, Samsung, Bailey Nelson and Wella. Learn more about Nico Nicoson here.   

Nico loves to make beautiful things and is open to all kinds of projects and collaborations. Contact Nico here to discuss making something beautiful.