Nico is a Sydney-based artist whose works can be found in public spaces and private collections all around the world. Nico’s works are vibrant, bold and highly decorative.

Describing his work as “a celebration of the ornamental” Nico is interested in the ancient and innate power of the decorative to impact humans emotionally, irrespective of their social status or understanding of the theoretical constructs associated with modern art. 

Nico’s image-making practice is the product of his interest in exploring and crossing over traditional defining boundaries between Fine Art and Design with the artist applying careful consideration and a high level of importance to traditional design elements and principles in the creation of his works whilst maintaining an artistic intent and personal narrative traditionally considered as being a defining element of Fine Art.

Inspired by artists and designers such as Bruno Munari – a key-player in the second wave of the Italian Futurism movement, Charlie Harper – an American Modernist and Howard Arkely an Australian Postmodernist,  Nico is interested in redefining the roles and boundaries of art and design in the modern world and aims to shift the traditional perceptions of the cultural value attributed to different forms of image-making across varied platforms and commercial contexts.

Nico employs a varied practice in his art-making that ranges from small-scale acrylic painting to large street-based mural painting, print-making and emerging forms of digital artwork. Nico embraces and is excited by the role that emerging technology can play in image-making and utlilises technology in conjunction with traditional methods in his process where possible.

Nico has created hundreds of street-based works throughout Australia, Europe and Asia in addition to regularly exhibiting and having work published internationally.  Nico’s artistic interests and influences include varying forms of traditional Folk art, Popism, Futurism, Modernism, Swiss Graphic Design and Urban Art.